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Microderm Glo Diamond Microdermabrasion System

The Microderm Glo Diamond is a new System that uses an unique, natural Glo Diamond material, this System is unequaled for login to find the best care for your skin. The System is basic to handle and includes an 3-in-1 kit that includes laser, microderm, and physical treatments.

Microderm GLO® MINI Pore Vacuum System – Advanced Skincare

Microderm GLO® MINI Pore Vacuum

By Microderm Glo


Advanced Facial System Ms369

Microderm GLO Gray Mini Diamond

By Microderm Glo


Mini Microdermabrasion

The mini System is an unique and advanced skincare line that helps with micro-molecules and commercial applications, this line contains mini systems, which are miniature in size, making them facile to handle and convenient for clients. The mini System can help remove: - dirt - oil - sweat - the next day the mini System is a fantastic surrogate for commercial use, as it is mini in size and can be easily used, the System contains a mini System and a mini microfiber cloth, making it facile to adopt and convenient. The Microderm Glo Diamond System is a top-grade substitute to get the final set against the wear and tear of the sun and the water, it uses a technology the results quickly and easily, making it an outstanding surrogate for the most delicate and delicate skin. Is a top substitute to boost the beauty of your skin! This gentle, short-wavelength light technology helps to remove agency and arya, the byproducts of skin development, byproducts of which are and generally sweat off your skin, the System listens to your needs and creates a glistening, soft surface by using a light, abbreviated haircare System that uses a deep cool temperature. This System is for use with the Glo mini Diamond machine, it is a pressure-based system, which means that it will work with any type of skin. The suction tool can be used to push and pull the skin off the skin, creating beautiful results.